Wednesday, July 8, 2015

my life in the last few months!

Lets catch up!  So Kenzie is now my crazy, loud, emotional, sweet, busy almost 2 (in September) year old girl.  She loves dancing, spinning, jumping, getting into snacks, her owl stuffed animal that we can't seem to get rid of, and is a huge daddies girl.  She talks A LOT unless we are around other people that she hasn't warmed up to yet.  In that case- she stares at them and clings to me.  She's hilarious. 

Then there's Wellington!  He is going to be 4 in 9 days... 4!!!  Where does the time go??  He is my child that loves riding his bike, thinks everyone and everything is nice and his friend.  He talks NON STOP, especially in the car.  He loves cuddling and being a big boy.  He is learning his letters and counting down till when he is going to turn 5 so that he can ride in a school bus.  Just thinking of him going off to school makes me want to cry.  He has become the biggest helper, and yet too helpful at times.  He loves collecting rollie pollies and baking with me.

This was our family just a little bit ago! 

Just enjoying the day to day and celebrating Easter...

then once i finished baby #3's quilt...

and was so huge i couldn't stand it anymore..

little ms Annabelle Jane was born.  She was born on April 9th and slid right out at 3:33pm, weighing 8.7 and 19in long.

We are all head over heals in love with her.  She has been my easiest baby so far.  I loved all of my kids the instant they were born but this one felt different.  I knew what to do right away unlike my first... and i wasn't as scared as i was with giving birth to my second because i understood that adding one more just adds to more love in our home... more craziness yes, but i somewhat knew what i was coming home to.  The biggest thing is that i knew how fast the newborn phase would fly by.  so as i sat in the hospital in those quiet moments i have never soaked up more awing over a baby in my life.  i wrote my thoughts down the night after she was born-

"im a mother of three now!  i can't believe that my love can stretch as far as it has, just multiplying, never dividing.  I'm staring at my one day old baby Annabelle Jane right now in awe of the miracle of birth- the miracle of her.  My heart is heavy with joy.  i am so blessed.  God is too kind to me at times.  she's beautiful.  perfect in her chunky cheeks and little noises that she makes while she sleeps. i had her sent to the nursery because of them only to call her back two hours later after getting a little rest.  i missed her.  i miss my other two kids at home asleep right now.  then i realize it- i am such a mom.  these kids of mine have stolen my heart.  i don't think this will ever stop- me staring at them, wondering what they will become, yet not wanting them to be anything else but what they are right now in this moment- my baby."

fathers day putting in these three pictures was weird.  i seriously can't believe this is my life.

then adam and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary... has it really been that long?

are these three kiddos really ours?  they look like us and act like us... but they are all so unique.  i can't believe they are mine to raise.  my day in and day out is crazy and boring and emotional with all of them... but they along with adam are my life and i love it.  

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