Monday, January 20, 2014

we are back!

how embarressing is this.. i haven't updated in forever!  a lot has happened!  kenzie is 4 months old now and wellington is 2 1/2.  wellington was unsure about this new baby in the beginning, now he is in love with her... giving her kisses, forcing any bottle or pacifier in her mouth (he's so helpful), handing me diapers to help change her and thanking heavenly father for her when he says his prayers. 

when she was two months old we blessed her

then halloween came and went... along with christmas!

three days after christmas we took another big move!  this time, back to good old utah!  adam got a new job there and i am happy to be back closer to family!

 we found a house to rent
 wellington is loving his own bedroom
 and kenzie has suddenly become a completely different baby!  since we upgraded her room from a walk in closet to this, she has LOVED going to sleep.  instead of being a demon child come night, she  now sleeps from 8-8.. waking up once during the night... and taking three 1hr plus naps during the day.  I'm loving it.
the thing i enjoy most about the house is that we have a bonus room upstairs where all of the toys are!  
 everything is really well lit and we are enjoying all the space

 we are sure going to miss all of kenzies little friends... (and of course ours as well, we really loved living in Colorado!)
but wellington is beyond excited that he gets to hang with his cousins and grandparents on Adams side.

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