Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Canning, cars and birthdays

 We got our first new car!  Its a hyundai accent and and all you need to know is it is cute and has great cup holders and it gets good gas mileage... can you tell its becca updating?

 Wellington is now in a big boy forward facing carseat.. and as we were deciding on which one to get i just about balled my eyes out.  ALSO!  he has decided as of 2 days ago that hes pretty much going to walk 24/7 from now on.  video to come.
 i had a fun get together with some of my friends from hair school
 we discovered that our awesome friends have an apple tree!!!  so we helped ourselves to just a few..
 these are the victims that came to my house to watch a dodger game... i accidentally talked them into pealing and cutting them up for me... canning's for real men!
 they smelt soooo good.. and on sunday we are going to do some more canning with our friends to make apple pie filling!
 back-round story- this was how i got addicted to canning.. my mother in law taught me how to do plum jelly.. and now i am addicted...
 this is what i have to show off so far!  i did pears with amy.  its been fun.  now im basically martha stuart and can do everything besides making bread.
 Adam had his 29th birthday.  i sent him on a scavenger hunt throughout town and the ending spot was here
 the picnic basket was filled with in-n-out for lunch of course.  we later went out to Texas Road House with Amy and Greg.... which we have been hanging out with a lot.  We've been doing that for 2 reasons

#1 they are awesome and we love playing games with them
#2 Wellington thinks their house is more interesting than ours
look at little jack and wells play... they are besties already.

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday Adam!! So much fun stuff. Your jars look so beautiful, Becca!