Monday, October 4, 2010


i wish i would have gotten a before picture of her! this is my friend jessica's mom (jessica is below)... she had a bushy grandma cut, and some blonde/brown highlights with grey regrowth..

jessica, after her 6 inch cut!

jessicas blonde highlights

lindseys before..

lindseys after!

i forgot her name.. but i just remember that she had a friend cut her hair, and she said that she just wanted a trim, and she ended up giving her an a symmetrical cut (meaning her left side is shorter than her right side... just what everyone wants right?)

after! fun a-line!

doing hair is so much fun!

i have finally completed 2000 hours of school! im done with school. right now im studying like crazy for my written and practical test for the state to actually get my license. so i have my written on wednesday, which is a 120? test that takes random questions from my book. then thursday is a 5 hour long timed test, and everything is done on mannequin heads. i have to show them every type of curl, a womens cut, 4 different perms, 4 types of color applications, acrylic nails, a facial, mens straight razor shave (which i have never done, and will never do!), and a mens cut. im not nervous about having to do all of that, im just nervous about having to be in a different place, with people i dont know not being allowed to talk to anyone, having them just watching me and taking notes on their clipboard for 5 hours. so thats what i have going on this week. wish me luck!


Stacie said...

omgosh good luck! that sounds hard but i am sure you will do great! i love love the cut that the last girl in the pix got. I wonder if that would look good on so sick of my hair!

Audra,Tony,and Erinn said...

Wow! Good Luck!!

theCoughranFamily said...

Hair looks awesome, Becca! You're good! Just be confident. You'll feel more comfortable that way. Good luck! We'll be thinking of you.

Also, fun football pics!