Monday, February 22, 2010


Dallas Roberts has officially become Aveda Institute! We are all pretty excited about the change, even though Aveda is a "tree huging" company.. we now recycle practically everything.. including hair. all of our products are at least 97% all natural which i think is awesome, especially for our hair color line, it is sooo much less damaging.. However the weird rules are that we arent allowed to have drinks unless they are in our reusable containers, and all of our food has to be in tupperware. The owner also made an announcement that he didnt want to see us with any junk food... but i set him straight about that... junk food is too dear to my heart to not fight for. So i told him that i would bring my junk food in tupperware and that is that. He is a sweet guy, so he understood. (and we caught him eating skittles so i think that helped too).

The best thing about the change is that we have AMAZING teachers, we are learning A LOT more, now we have to perform a hand massage and scalp and shoulder massage along with a make up application (for the girls)... with any of our services... for free to our guests. Everyone is loving that, and i like to see people happy.
any who! We did hair competitions last week... my partner and i won 2 out of the 4! (that was out of 7 teams). The category above was for the craziest hair-do (that still had to look pretty)

my partner in crime!
there were walls up before
and booths all there. I will be sure to take pictures when all of the construction is done.

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theCoughranFamily said...

Cool Becca!! That's a great photo of you, bytheway!!!