Wednesday, February 2, 2011

finally an update!

UPDATE! this is what i have been up to! i read until my eyes water, then i rest them for 5 minutes and read again... i finished the series and now i am sad.. what should i read now?
i am 17 1/2 weeks along, i havnt thrown up yet and i have decided that i am just not going to! i love being pregnant, even though it makes me a little extra moody, extra hungry and really emotional. adam has been amazing though... and we are SSOOO excited to find out what it is on valentines day! i say boy, he says girl. we will see.
i am loving work! this is a picture of jared and i... one of my favorite people to work with.. he is SO funny, and yes, he is very much so gay. which makes sense since he makes a cake for everyone once a week, and is going to start blogging about it.. how cake makes people happy and better people to work with. the tittle of the blog is going to be CAKE- changing lives! everyone at work is so kind and helpful and they push me to be so much better. i am excited to finally be "one the floor" full time! my new schedule is tues-fri 1-9pm so that will be hard (since adam gets out of school and is home by 1:30).. but what can you do? and then saturdays are kinda random, mostly 11-7. our plan is for me to work while adam goes to school, and then in the summer he will work and i take 3 months off to spend with the baby, then go back full time/part time whichever we can handle with juggling our schedules so that he or i can be home taking care of our baby while the other is away. and soon enough adam will graduate and we will see how our plan changes then! (i am already dying to be a stay at home mommy so the sooner he gets done with school the better!)

adam has been busy with school and loving it.. but what he likes to do out of school is go to byu games and cheer on his love.. Jimmer! we are so glad that we have our all sports passes!
it was my birthday! so adam took me shopping! (one of my favorite things to do!!) and i got a few clothes... which we all very stretchy and comfy... and now im very glad that i have at least something to fit into.

so that was random... and im sure ive missed a lot.. but hopefully we will be a bit better on blogging! but for now that is it!


emily gladfelder said...

You look so cute in your prego pic. Congrats!

Jonestown said...

Love the randomness. Love your bump!!

Tony and Traci said...

I loved the Hunger games! Although I was a little disappointed with Mockingjay. If you are looking for a good book to read The Book Thief is very good. Your belly is looking very cute. I'm glad things are going well for you guys. You'll figure things out once the baby comes. We Miss you!

Slightly Insane said...

lol the pic of Adam.. And Becca, you always look great! wish I could rub your tummy!