Monday, March 15, 2010

new projects and decorating!

These pictures are all reversed, but i cant remember how to move them... so oh well! Ill start off by saying, that decorating is one of my all time fav things to do! I love doing little projects with adam... and i LOVE those little chicks (above)... and even though it isnt easter yet, i have already decorated for it. (sorry st p-day!)
i forgot to post pictures of my pot rack and stools that i had been wanting forever! sweet adam let me pick them out for my birthday... its so hard for him to let me pick out my own presents... but he understands that if it took ME all day to pick them out... then it would have been a nightmare for him to try and get exactly what i wanted to complete my little kitchen!
and we also forgot to show you guys the finished project of our table and our red door/picture frame... adam cut a rectangle out of our table, then nailed some wood underneath and we grouted in the tiles that we wanted! With the door, I had been looking for an old door to be our headboard, so when i found this for $2 at a garage sale i got soooo excited.. but then i decided that i liked it in the kitchen instead.

but forget about that stuff! all of our old projects seem like a piece of cake compared to what adam can do now! He made this coffee table- and i dont mean he nailed some things together and painted it, i mean he picked out the wood, cut it, cut the edges (idk what thats called), made the track for the drawers, measured, cut, painted etc etc.
this is what I saw at Ikea a year ago- i loved the idea of the glass top to show whats in the drawers.. but i wanted it a little taller, and to be a rectangle, so we tweaked the idea to what we wanted. we still have to pick out some knobs for the drawers.
he is amazing! Now i know my sister in laws Erin and Amy are both laughing because both of their husbands are amazing at this stuff too... but im just in shock that i have my very own handy man that can build me custom made things. It is awesome!

and now onto our next project.... Adam is building me a behind the couch table out of our old crayon coffee table


Stacie said...

cute lil chickies! where did you get them?
Tony is handing with wood and building things too. If i marry him maybe he will build me some cool stuff like how Adam is building for you. Love love love how everything turned out!

Audra,Tony,and Erinn said...

wow Adam you are very good! you two are so cute! love the old door idea.

theCoughranFamily said...

Adam and Becca! Your house is AWESOME! I've gotta say, Adam, I'm REALLY impressed with that table. I guess no junk drawers there, huh? I want to see the crayon table when it's done!

normaneugene said...

Beautiful job Adam! I see you were able to put things in the drawers, Becca. Very pretty! What's next, son?

galbraith's said...

hey swiper no swiping! even though your old door is a beautiful shade of red- my old door has cuter pictures! Love all your projects though!

adamandrebeccacoughran said...

well ours takes up less space! jk but originally it was gunna be a head board.. but it was too long.

Alicia said...

I'm impressed!
Hope you two are having fun in Hawaii--I'm a little jealous, but mostly happy for you! :)