Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sealing and Thanksgiving trip!

my beautiful family! and ofcourse, im the only one not looking!
my amazing brothers!

and adam and i... i love pictures!
We had a blast driving out to CA to visit my family and spend Thanksgiving with them. Most of all, I was excited about my sister Sarah getting sealed to her hubby the day after Thanksgiving! It was wonderful seeing all of my family together (minus my little bro whos not old enough) in the temple together. I am so greatful that I am sealed to my amazing husband for time and all eternity and I am so thankful that we were able to go down and be a part of my sisters sealing and endowments! I am so glad that familys can be together forever!


galbraith's said...

you look amazing as usual! i am glad you got to see your family and see your sister sealed to her husband as well.

Tony and Traci said...

How fun. We missed you guys when you came out. I hope that you are feeling better. It was really easy to put the page together. I went on cutest blog on the block, clicked on their blog secrets, then from there they showed me how to design a background. They give you a site where you can download a bunch of free papers and embellishments and its all layering from there. Although I did find out that you need to put things pretty close to the top if you want them to show up. Anyway, If you want I can put one together for you. I love to do it. Just let me know what colors and theme you are going for and I'll mess around with it :P

normaneugene said...

Hey Adam! Are you making fun of you dad. I've always been hip!!! Even Becca thinks least she laughs when I say stuff, huh Becca?

Emily K said...

Hey Becca! You guys are too cute! We miss you guys and hope all is going well in Utah! Thanks for the sweet comment on by blog, I needed that after that darn haircut. KIDS!!!!